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How to Get Rid of Mold Inside Your Home

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Most people would incorrectly assume that the presence of mold is automatically evidence of an old or neglected space. The truth is that mold can very much occur even in a brand new home as you can see in the video we recorded for the blog this week.

We all know that mold is caused by the presence of moisture. The real question is “how much moisture?” and more importantly “how can it be prevented?” To help answer these and other questions, we’ve included some helpful links below where you will find information that explains indoor condensation and mold issues plus dealing with those issues.

New Homes Hold Moisture
A surprising fact that you might not realize is that even brand new homes hold a significant amount of moisture; in the materials used to build the home plus as a result of the home being closed off for a long period of time. A house needs to “breathe” and with today’s energy efficient windows, extra sealants and solid construction at the seams, moisture does not have a place to escape.

Factor in the position of the home in terms of wind direction and you will see condensation accordingly that will ultimately result in mold if that moisture is not dried up regularly.

Preventing Moisture Build-Up
Some easy techniques include raising your window shades a few inches to allow for some extra airflow. Also, use ventilation fans after cooking or when moisture builds in bathrooms and other areas of the home. Keep humidity levels level and as the temps get colder, be sure to reduce humidity levels accordingly.

Getting Rid of Existing Mold
If you already have mold present in your home there are some things you can do to rectify the problem. First, collect as much of the mold as possible using a vacuum cleaner with a receptacle and attachment. Afterward, wipe the area down with soap and warm water. Finally, make a solution of bleach and water then wipe the area down again.

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  1. Thanks for the post, and after a lot of outside help my wife and I finally finished getting out all of the mold in our home. And now the only thing I'm worried about is the mold coming back. So if anyone knows how to keep the mold out would be great.

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