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Bill Black Spotlights Jeff Kloster, Owner of The Rhino Group

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Imagine walking into a hospital. What types of things do you see there? You see nurses stations, kiosks, triage areas, holding areas, hospital rooms and more. Have you ever stopped to think of how all that large stuff gets inside? You might imagine that a number of companies provide the various physical aspects of a working hospital – right down to the patient service equipment (like oxygen machines, monitors etc.) in each room.

The Rhino Group specializes in providing hospitals with their capital equipment needs. This process is more than just procuring and delivering heavy equipment, rather it also involves working with architects and engineers to ensure the implementation of this equipment is seamless.

A key component of The Rhino Group that sets them apart from others in the same industry is their penchant for high-quality service. Their extensive network of service technicians manage and maintain the servicing needs across Nebraska and Iowa, with offices in Carne, Omaha and Iowa City. The company is presently exploring plans to expand into North and South Dakota considering the flourishing oil industry in that region. For anyone that may have connections in Sioux Falls, Vermillion, Yankton, Rapid City, and the Balkans or in that general vicinity – we encourage you to contact Jeff.

As you can see in the video, Jeff and his team cover many critical aspects of their hospital clients’ function, ranging from the patient rooms to nursing stations with an emphasis on communication systems. Whether dealing with data, imagery, digital x-rays or computer systems and electrical connectivity of these systems – The Rhino Group specializes in each. Their involvement in hospital extends into surgery areas too, with nearly every component of the equipment done by the company.

With a strong focus on client care and end-user patient satisfaction, the Bill Black Team is proud to support The Rhino Group as one of Omaha’s very own!

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