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Omaha’s Very Own Unique Vocational Training & Recycle Center Makes Lives Better

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There is an amazing place in Omaha that is dedicated to bettering residents’ lives in a unique way. Not only do they work to teach the men and women that come through important, valuable skills but also they provide useful items to enhance their lives. They do all this while recycling items that might otherwise by wasted and even harm the environment.

Brenda Banks, Executive Director of Cross Training Center, was generous enough to walk us through their expansive facility and share with us their inner workings as well as what makes them succeed in this endeavor. In fact, when it comes to recycling old TVs and computer monitors to manage the lead content in their glass tubes, the organization has partnered with yet another organization that employs the help of Veterans.

Items welcomed include anything from as small as cell phones to as large as cars. The vocational training is received when students learn to fix anything that is fixable. Items that have no life left in them are then recycled. The basic premise is “if it has a cord or a battery, we can use it”. But that doesn’t mean they won’t accept other items that might ease some people’s troubles.

The most popular items the center requests are laptops. In fact, the Cross Training Center is certified with Microsoft® and they are qualified to conduct repairs needed to get these machines up and running again. Once repairs are complete the computers and other items are either sold to the public or utilized to enhance the lives of the very people working hard to make a positive change in their own lives. Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of this great organization is the fact that it provides opportunity for people that are willingly trying to make a positive change. Once the skills are taught, they are able to utilize these skills toward a stronger future, often one without poverty and strife.

Whether you are an individual or business that would like to give or someone that could benefit from the offerings of this place, let us know. If you would like to donate something that you feel may be of value to this fantastic mission, donate funds or even share your time and skills to the cause – contact Brenda.

The Cross Training Center
4505 South 76th Circle


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