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Thanks so much for returning to my blog week after week to read my articles and watch my video! I do everything I can to make real estate fun and interesting with information you can use to make a smart decision in real estate and improve the value of your home.

With the New Year, I'd like to ask you what you'd like me to publish. What would you like to learn about home maintenance and improvement? If you're looking to buy or sell a house, what are your primary questions? Thinking about a custom home? I'd really appreciate your feedback as I put together my topics to send to you via email, Twitter, and Facebook in 2010! 

How do you like our real estate blog so far? I'd love to hear your opinion! Just leave a comment below (it's anonymous) or leave a message on Facebook and Twitter (see how we're using social media now!) Of course, you're always welcome to call me at 402.680.2500 or email bill.black@cbshome.com with your ideas.

Thanks for being a great friend of the years - we're running this blog for you. We want to make it the absolute best!

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  1. Bill! I'd love to see more information about new construction, more specifically - how to build a custom home with an office. I see myself with 3-4 employees working out of my awesome basement, with my 'home' upstairs. I need to seperate work and life, so I need a full time office in the basement. I know there are zoning issues as well. Corner lot? Walkout basement? What are your thoughts?