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Omaha Is The Lowest-Cost, Fastest Recovering City in the USA! - You Should Relocate Here!

I want to extend a personal invitation to join us here in Omaha, home of Warren Buffet (one of the world’s richest men) and the College World Series.

Now, I’m not just name-dropping here for the heck of it. Warren Buffet is one of the shrewdest people on the planet, and he knows all about the great benefits of living in Omaha.

But, lest you think I’m just blowing smoke, why don’t I tell you what the rest of the nation is saying about Omaha and give you links so you can check out the facts for yourself?

Omaha has the lowest unemployment in the nation – Bureau of Labor Statistics
Omaha is one of the best places to start over in – Business Week 2009
Omaha is the fastest recovering city in the nation - Forbes 2009
Omaha is one of the best affordable places to retire – Yahoo 2009
Nebraska is one of the healthiest state in America – Money Magazine 2009
Nebraska is one of the best state to do business in – Forbes 2009
Omaha has the world’s best zoo - Family Circle and Nickelodeon
Omaha has the lowest cost of living and is the best place to re-locate to – Primus 2009

A pretty impressive list from respected sources, isn’t it? Now, let me back up those facts with my personal experience.

Omaha has an unbelievably wonderful quality of life. Food’s inexpensive…you can afford to put gas in your car…you can buy a house at reasonable prices…and, if you’re a businessperson, we’ve got lots of affordable sites available for you!

Baby, you gotta contact me right now at 402.680.2500. What in heck are you waiting for? Omaha rocks, and we want you to rock along with us!

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