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Home Owners/Buyers: I Have a Step by Step Home Marketing Plan Just For You!

WOW! Thanks for all your feedback - here's what you wanted and I delivered!

You know, sometimes, I’m a noisy kind of guy. That’s just my nature. But, hey, I do listen very carefully all the time to what my friends, family and past clients have to say! And what I heard from my last video blog was that you wanted more – much more! – information on how to sell your home and, equally important, how to buy a new one!

So, that’s what I’ve done – come up with a marketing plan with a stair-step process to get you straight from Point A to Point B. That’s right, our plan will spell out how to stage your home in the best manner possible…how to show it to its best advantage, etc…all the way to the end when we explain clearly how a contract between you and a buyer is processed.

But, I don’t stop there! Once your home is sold, I and my team assist you step-by-step in finding your next home. That ranges from locating pre-approved financing to finding the perfect home for your needs in the perfect neighborhood.

The net result of this marketing plan – it’s hands-free for you which means we take all the stress (well, most of it!) out of the entire selling and buying process!

If you'd like your step-by-step home marketing plan, simply call me at 402.680.2500 or shoot me an email right away at bill.black@cbshome.com and I'll send it your direction!

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