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SSHHHH! I'm Hunting for Tax Savings at the Douglas County Assessor in Omaha, NE

How can you possibly save money on taxes at the Douglas County Assessor's office?

Well, remember, you have the right to protest your property taxes anytime you want! But if you're doing to do it this year, you have to do it quick in order to save money!

Here's how it works:

As you know, the tax assessor (Bob Morrissey, a very nice guy, by the way) assesses your property every year. But, here's the problem. The assessor's office is a small one, and there are 210,000 properties in Omaha (valued at $31 million)!

That means the Douglas County office has to rely on facts and figures and averages. Which means, in turn, that they don't always get the value right! Let me give you a very specific example: A Omaha home owner had a home assessed at $341,000, and you know what it sold for? $170,000! So, to help him out, I went into the Assessor's Office to get him a savings of $3,600 on next year's taxes. That's nearly $300 a month!

Now you can do the same thing to protest your taxes and save money, and here's how it works:

1. The Assessment Office assesses the value of your home and sends it to the Treasurer's Office.

2. The Treasurer's Office then sends you a tax statement.

3. If you feel the assessed value is too high, you can then file a protest with the Board of Equalization. Referees analyze the information and then reset your value.

4. If you don't like their decision, then for $25 you can file a protest at the Assessor's Office which then goes to the state.

5. If you don't like the state's decision, you can then take the matter to court.

So, if you think your taxes are unfair or the value is unfair, here's a link to the Douglas County Assessor's Office at http://www.dcassessor.org/index.php.

What are you waiting for? Get online or call the Assessor's Office now at 402.444.7060.

Or, if you want more information about the whole process, call me today, Bill Black at 402.680.2500! We'd love to talk to you! (Heck, who doesn't love to talk about saving money!)

Contact Roger Morrissey at the Douglas County Assessor at 402.444.7060, rogermo@co.douglas.ne.us or the Douglas County Assessor's website.

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