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How The Bill Black Team Worked with Sarah’s Schedule to Sell Their Home

“They were amazing. They had everything organized for us and we signed the papers to get it on the
market and then the next day they had someone coming out to take all the pictures for us. They immediately had it lasted. We were just totally impressed with how organized they were. Within a week we had an offer and then by the second week, I can’t even remember how many offers we got. We were at the end of the season and I was amazed by how much they pushed to get an offer and get everything organized and taken care of for us. We really didn’t have to do anything. Bill and Tracy both worked on it together and we got an offer right away. They came in really late one night because my husband is a police officer so he works really long shifts. They met us at the office one night, I think it was almost 8:00 at night and they made sure to get us there and the papers were ready for us so, we walked in to sign to accept an offer or to counter-offer. By the time we walked out, we were done and I just thought it was amazing that they were willing to work with our schedule since it’s kind of unpredictable. “


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