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Have You Considered a Timbercraft Home?

Have You Considered a Timbercraft Home?

Welcome back! Today we’re going to talk about building a home out of Douglas fir posts by Timbercraft Homes. I have Tom Townsend with me today as he’s building this custom home for an excited customer. One of the neat features of this home is the radiant heat system that is built into the floor. The system uses antifreeze that runs through the hoses in the floor and provides warm floors and helps heat the entire house.

Tom tells us that there are large posts held together by oak pegs that are very strong and secure. Timbercraft, the company out of Michigan, cuts the timber in their shop, pre-fit the posts, load them on a truck and assemble them when they arrive at the job site. The crew puts the house together and has it is ready for windows in about 14 days.

When the Timbercraft frame is put together with SIP (structure insulated panels) panels, it is very energy efficient. SIP panels are constructed by taking plywood, adding foam and then another piece of plywood. The ceiling in the great room and garage and all the exterior walls are constructed with SIP panels. The cost is high, but there is no waste, it is constructed quickly and creates a more efficient home.

If you want to discuss a Timbercraft home, contact me and we will get together with Tom and price out your home. Call me at (402) 680-2500 or email me bill.black@cbshome.com if you have any questions.

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