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Do you have the right homeowner’s insurance?

Do you have the right homeowner’s insurance?

Hey, guys! Welcome back to my video blog!

People ask me all the time about home insurance and whom they should go to. The best thing to do is talk to family and friends; find out whom they trust.

I’ve been with Farm Bureau for a long time and today I am with the seven-time national agent of the year, Troy Perchal!

Troy is here to tell us about what kind of homeowner’s insurance you should have.

Troy Perchal says,

"The most important part of homeowner’s insurance is having the right amount of coverage.  Some people have their lot and their home insured; this isn’t necessary. Your lot will always be there so, you do not need to insure it. Plus, agents often overcharge for the double insurance. 

Another thing you want to check is your replacement costs. We have a 125% replacement cost. Why the extra 25%? Sometimes lumber can cost more or maybe there’s a clean up needed; it’s an extra cushion.

You also want to check the replacement costs on your personal property. Some insurance carriers have a prorated replacement cost method; they will limit costs based on certain factors such as how old the personal property is.

Earlier Bill had asked about water leakage. Either a backed up sewage, or a broken sump pump can cause water leakage. These are two are separate and must have a specific write up.

I also recommend an umbrella policy. An umbrella policy offers an excess of other protection and costs for losses not under your main coverage."

If you have any questions about Farm Bureau’s homeowner’s insurance, you can call me at 402-758-6633 or send me an email at troy.perchal@fbfs.com

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