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ServiceOne Warranty Available for HearthStone Homes

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Nothing hurts more than to see our community members affected badly when a business goes under – particularly in today’s economy. That’s exactly why in the wake of HearthStone Homes’ bankruptcy proceedings we wanted to do something to put our fellow community members at ease.

An unfortunate circumstance of this bankruptcy is that countless owners holding warranties will have to give up a lot of their coverage. As you can see in the article from Omaha.com linked above, some owners are starting to have some major problems with little or no recourse. This is especially difficult since there is no one to manage client claims in the interim of bankruptcy proceedings.

Warranty for HearthStone Owners Available For Fraction of Normal Price
At the Bill Black Team, we are committed to making sure everyone in this situation has an opportunity to protect themselves. Though the current coverage provides homeowners the right to have appliances, windows and other areas that carry manufacturer warranties included in the building of their home – that is not enough. That is why we have made a special arrangement with ServiceOne, to provide a home warranty for customers of HearthStone Homes with new homes built within five years or sooner in qualifying subdivisions. Whereas a warranty would normally cost anywhere from about $395 and up depending on the home, the folks at ServiceOne are generously offering their coverage for a very affordable $99.

No matter which subdivision of homes you are located within, we invite you to contact us to find out whether you qualify for a slice of this peace of mind. We know it does not fix everything but at least you can rest assured that major components of your home will have coverage in case something were to go wrong. This includes things like your heating and cooling unit, furnace, electrical and plumbing systems and more.

For more information about this warranty and any other of your real estate related needs, please contact us today at 402.680.2500 or email Bill.black@cbshome.com.

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