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When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Home in the Omaha Area?

Today we're breaking down when the best time is to sell your house in the Omaha market. Your timing can really make a difference in how much your home sells for.

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When is the best time to sell your house in the Omaha market?

There will be several ups and downs in the housing market, just like there are in the stock market. Just like buying a car, there will be a good time and a bad time.

The absolute best time to sell your house is by starting in February so we can have the March, April, and May spring market. That's truly the best time. In fact, we just saw a statistic the other day that Omaha is at a 20-year low for inventory. You might say that means it's 100 degrees out and there's only one air conditioner for sale.

The absolute best time to sell your
house is by starting in February.

If you're getting ready to sell your house, make sure you call your agent ahead of time. They can help you find out what needs to be done in the house, with staging, taking good photographs, and with the pricing of the home correctly from the start.

It's essential to hit that market timing because if we miss that wave and go into late summer and early fall, the market has a tendency to come down. We lose quite a few spring buyers, and then we head for winter when home prices come down.

If you're thinking of selling a house here in Omaha, give us a call or send us an email soon. We'd be glad to help!


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