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Helping Loved Ones Transition into a Retirement Home

Today I’m at Peace Haven Retirement Home to help out a client. This is a tough part of life, and it’s what I call the “ministry” part of my business. We help a lot of elderly people transition from their family-owned home to either a no-care, limited-care, or full-care retirement facility.

When it comes to real estate, issues can sometimes arise regarding the nursing home’s ability to tap into a retiree’s hard assets. This includes their house. They can go back as far as five years and lay claim to the property.

As a professional real estate consultant, I surround myself with trust attorneys, elder care attorneys, and accountants that know how to deal with this kind of situation. It’s a complicated issue that you don’t want to walk alone. I’ve been through the process hundreds of times with clients and several times within my own family.
It’s a complicated issue that you don’t want to walk alone.
Make sure that you give us a call before your parents or loved ones have to enter a nursing home so that we can help you in any way you need.

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