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How the Bill Black Team Gave Summer a Great Experience

“We officially moved into our house today. It took a little while to find a house. This market was insane. We offered on a total of 7 seven houses. Sometimes we were offering over asking price and getting outbid or a cash offer would come in. Sometimes it got a little discouraging. It was an awesome experience with Bill. He would pray with us, get excited with us, he was very patient. I never felt like he was getting annoyed or anything. I’m sure if I was in his shoes, it would be a long process and exhausting to keep going through house after house. It was a great experience; we would totally do it again with them. Bill would meet with us every time we saw a house that we liked. He was always showing us homes and the most convenient times for us. There was one weekend when he was out of town, he had Joanie open the house for us. It was just very easy; we were always able to see houses whenever we wanted.”


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