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Where Can You Turn for Reasonable Discourse on Current Events?

Today, Greg Vogt, General Manager of KGBI, joins us today to discuss a new station here in Omaha. KGBI currently has three stations, and they’re proud of their latest: KOTK, which is now called The Answer. If you have a question, this new conservative talk radio station has the answer!

In the mornings, you’ll hear Hugh Hewitt, a regular contributor to the CNN and the Republican debates. Mike Gallagher will also be heard on this station, in addition to Dennis Prager, the smartest guy on the radio. Clint Bellows, a local who used to be on KFAB quite a bit, will also contribute to the station. These are just a few of the many insightful guys that will be heard on The Answer!

All day, they’ll talk about politics. With the debates between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, and the race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, there is a whole lot to discuss right now! Unfortunately, the presidential race has turned into a reality TV show; the goal of KOTK is to provide some reasoning to the sometimes crazy political race we have going right now.

The Answer is the place to turn for reasonable discussion of current events.

On The Answer, you won’t hear people yelling at each other. You’ll hear reasonable people sharing reasonable opinions and viewpoints in order to better the conversation. Hopefully, it will be a place for you to get in-depth analysis of the issues in a way that really connects to you and how you think. That’s why it’s called The Answer! 

Tune into FM 94.5 or AM 1420 if you’re looking for an answer! It’s the best resource if you’re looking for good conservative talk radio here in Omaha. Of course, if it’s real estate you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. We would love to hear from you!  

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