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Today, David Knox joins us to explain what he has to offer to agents looking to improve their skills and grow their business.

The best agents are in the industry to get better at what they do and grow their business. In order to do this, great agents work to provide better service for their clients and differentiate themselves. It's up to Realtors to demonstrate the difference in value; they may charge more, but they justify it with stellar service. In fact, sellers often net more by hiring a Realtor who has credibility and expertise in the field.

David has been in the business since 1972 - even longer than I have! That's why we listen to what he has to say: we truly believe in learning from the best! He goes around the world talking to people in real estate and sharing his advice, so I'm very glad I've had the chance to spend some quality time with him!

David started making videos for agent's years ago. Not long into doing that, he realized that he could benefit buyers, sellers, and homeowners with these videos. He now has a line of 6 consumer videos that cover how to price your home right, how to select the right agent, how to prepare your home for sale, and many other topics!

We want to share these videos with you because we think they could be very beneficial. Give me a call or shoot me a quick email and I'll share this great resource with you! Hope to hear from you soon!


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