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How Local Architects can Make Your Omaha Dream Home a Reality

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Today, special guest Rebecca Harding of TACK Architects talks to us about different things architects can do to help make our lives easier. For one, if you have property you are interested in, they do a site evaluation - which entails looking at the benefits of the property, the views, and the different buildings in the surrounding area, among other things. Architects are the professionals to go to for a comprehensive look at a potential building site. 

They can also do a property footprint, which takes into account the rules and regulations, including zoning and planning laws, that apply to a given area. TACK looks at your needs and what you would like to do with a property, and sees if they can make it work within regulation.

Once an architect gives us an idea of what is possible, we can then figure out what the square footage is going to be, the parking situation, and get bids to find out what everything will cost.

If you are interested in a property and want to have an architect have a look at it, call TACK at (402) 505-9778. Of course, The Bill Black Team is always available for all your buying and selling needs, especially with Omaha new construction. Contact us and we'll help you secure the Omaha area property you have your eyes on!

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