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Video Blogging: Educate Your Customers!

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Video Blogging: Educate Your Customers!

Many of you have been asking about the person who is behind the scenes of my video blog so today, I am putting John from Vyral Marketing on the spot. John has been working with us for about four years; we were one of Vyral’s first clients! “We started here in Omaha and the reason why Frank [Klezits] and I came up with this concept is to give people an educational way to stay in touch with their database,” John tells us. He’s always telling me to look at the camera!

“We want to make sure that people are getting relevant content about their real estate needs,” he continued. This relevant information includes improving your house, the current state of the customer’s specific market and what is currently in that market. These guys came up with a great concept; I even remember when they pitched it to me!

Having a video blog on my website has been great because it allows me to keep you updated on what goes on in real estate. When we did the series on New Construction, we wanted you to understand what the process of buying a home. There are physically 88 things that can go wrong from time we go into contract and when we close. This can be compared to flying a plane; we all want a smooth landing but sometimes we nail it and sometimes we don’t. It’s all a matter of having the best pilot on board!

I’m glad to have Vyral Marketing to help pilot my blog! If anyone wants to use Vyral Marketing to help with their video blog, John explains that they work with a multitude of different services. “Just go to www.getvyral.com and you can see how it works, watch demos, client success stories and a list of the clients themselves,” John said.

When you call Vyral Marketing, make sure you tell them you heard it from us!

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