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CBS Home Ranks #1 in Market Share With Online Search Engines

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Time to sell your home?  How about reaching the countless buyers that begin their search online with wide-eyed dreams of finding the perfect home? At one point in time, Realtor.com used to be the website of choice for both sellers looking to list their home on a high-traffic site and buyers that wanted to gain access to all the latest properties. But things have changed. Now, a whopping 88% of buyers go online before even setting foot in a real estate agent’s office. They are logging on and browsing through national website like Zillow.com, Truila.com and a host of other property sites as well.

The Secret About National Listing Sites That Most People Don’t Know

When most people log onto a site like Zillow.com or Realtor.com, little do they realize that there are multiple tiers of advertising available on the platform. The average home seller or agent logs on and lists a home using the standard basic free tier. A few photographs are added to a general listing with some basic information about the property. There are two more levels on top of that first one that allow posters some more room to elaborate on their listing.

The highest and most visible form of advertising on these sites, however, entails the deepest level of market penetration. The Bill Black Team engages in this level of marketing on almost fifty various property search tool websites. The banner that is most commonly seen at the top of these site’s pages are among those that we pay for – so that means that when buyers visit those sites, precise target marketing takes place, prominently showing them your property. One step further, when buyers inquire about those properties they are redirected to us and we can then further assist them with their interest in your home.

The Age of Offline Advertising Is Fast Changing

At one time we would invest a lot of advertising dollars into all the forms of ads that were once popular. Today, print media, Television ads and high-gloss colorful flyers placed at the home sites are all virtually obsolete. The Internet has completely taken over. Through our extensive tracking systems we have been able to confirm that 88% or more of all buyers start their search online. In a “here and now” society, it is essential to be able to provide on time, real time property listings that satisfy the needs of today’s buyers.

CBS Home Ranks First in the Top Five Property Search Engine Sites

Not surprisingly, in a survey conducted by an independent firm, we discovered that CBS Home captures a significant market share of first-time online buyer presence. CBS Home has a 60% market share, followed by NP Dodge with 34% of the Omaha market share in this category, Deeb Realty with 4% plus Keller Williams and Prudential each with 1% total market share in our region.

Top Notch Online Visual Presence Gets Homes Sold

With an average of over 139,000 visits each month on our website, we place a lot of emphasis on making sure your listing receives the best attention that lasts longer than just a casual browse. We hire professional photographers to present your home in the best light possible, both in video and photographic stills. That is why when we upload it onto our affiliated websites we know that the best possible presentation is made.

Our video and written blogs were established to provide our readers with valuable information while at the same time promoting your listing in a place where buyers feel comfortable and familiar. Future buyers that stumble upon your property on our site contact us and we get the ball rolling right away.

With a list of over 50 affiliate sites on which we list our properties, your home will be sure to get the most visibility possible. Some of these sites include Omaha.com, Trulia.com, Aol.com, Yahoo, Zillow and HGTV’s Front Door. We have maintained and nurtured partnerships with several high-visibility relocation clients as well as end-clients that use our services to help re-establish their newly relocated employees to our area. This provides first-hand access to your property to countless buyers looking to buy right away; yet another compelling reason to let us help you with your home selling endeavors!

Contact us today so we can assist in making your real estate goals become a reality!

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