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A Peek Behind the Scenes at CBS Homes

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Over the past year, I’ve shown you in detail how to build a house. I’ve talked about all the important details involved in the home building process and focused on things that are vital to a well-built house.

My sincere hope is that you have learned a lot about house and home building from these detailed videos.

Now, in the next several upcoming videos, we are going to switch things up and talk to people who are on the other side of the home building process. These are the people who are buying the homes, either to live in or invest in. They are the ones who are interested in and will benefit from all the hard work we have talked about that goes into building a home.

We will also talk to home builders. They are the ones who labor over homes and truly care about the fine details. We will hear their perspective of a house, from the inside looking out.

You don’t have to take my word for how important all these things are, you can actually hear it from those who know first-hand. It’s a behind the scenes look.

You can look forward to those in the upcoming weeks in the blog! It will help you learn and understand even more about the home building and buying process.

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