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What’s Your Favorite Phone App?

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Are you an app lover?  Phone apps are all the rage right now and for good reason: they make life easier and more fun.

Do You Have an App You Love?

If you have a phone app you love, we want you to tell us about it! We know the power of apps and we love to learn about even more apps.

If you have an app you would like to share, email me at bill@cbshome.com. We will pick out the best phone apps and share them on our next video blog!

Our New Favorite Apps

I recently discovered freecaddy, a free app for anyone who loves to golf. It knows where all the golf courses are all over the United States. It actually acts as a GPS on the golf course. When you hit your golf ball and stand by it, the app can tell you how far away you are from the hole.

I also really enjoy slydial. This is perfect for those people in your life whom you love dearly, but often get caught on the phone with for way too long. In fact, they can unintentionally be real time drains if you let them. Sometimes, however, you need to get a message to these people.

Slydial actually bypasses that person’s ringer and goes straight to their voice mail. This allows you to get your message across quickly without getting trapped on the phone. Pretty cool, right?

Email me your favorite app at bill@cbshome.com and you might see it featured on our next video!

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