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Showers and Ceramic Tiling: Choosing a Shower but Keeping Things Dry

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Choosing a new shower is an important decision when you build a new home. Making sure the shower is installed correctly is even more important. Ceramic tiling in a shower and on a floor is vital to put in correctly to prevent future water related problems.

New Trends in Showers

The new trend is showers are the large Roman showers. Many people are getting away from the traditional fiberglass showers that were so popular for many years. A number of people are also choosing to forgo the large whirlpool tub and invest that money in a nicer shower.

You can choose a variety of options when it comes to a shower, including size and number of shower heads. In fact, you can make your shower almost like a car wash when you walk in, if you want!

Shower Ceramic Tiling

It is very important that your ceramic tiling is water tight in a shower. To do this properly, you will need to install a mudpan. This is a fine concrete that is sealed tight around the drain on the shower floor.

Once the mudpan is installed, you will then lay a thick rubber product, similar to a waterbed mattress liner, above the mudpan. This means if there is even the least amount of seepage through the tile, it will pool and go immediately down the drain. This leaves no worry of water damage down the road.

Ceramic Tile Floor

When you install a ceramic tile floor, make sure you have a good concrete base. You can both glue and screw down concrete boards to make sure they are secure. Once the concrete is on firmly, you can lay the ceramic tiles.

If the floor is not completely flat, the floor will be “spongy” and the tiles will break. Or, if water gets on the floor, it will seep into any cracks that might be present in the tile that most certainly will exist due to the poorly placed tile. This can cause many problems down the road.

Choosing a shower is important. You also need to make sure that you or whoever is installing your shower and ceramic tiling that will surround it is skilled in this area. It is a delicate balance to keep wet places wet and dry places dry.

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