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The Bill Black Team: Voted #1 for CBS Home New Construction in Omaha

We want to thank you, our loyal customers, for allowing us to serve you in your new home construction needs over the last year. We also want to thank you for the incredible honor we received a few nights ago when we were awarded as being #1 in new construction within CBS during 2010.

Why is this so significant? CBS Homes is the number one real estate company in Omaha. Being awarded an honor like this by CBS is incredibly humbling to us. We realize that others truly do recognize our commitment to superior quality in the homes we build.

I think one reason we won this award is because we do the absolute best that we can. We are also extremely knowledgeable about new construction. I surround myself with people who are also very knowledgeable about the construction business and are committed to excellence, too. This is an often overlooked part of being really good at what you do: a team that shares your vision and knowledge.

We wanted to devote an entire blog post and video to just thank you for this award. Next time we will get back to discussing how to build a great home. This time it’s all about gratitude from us to you. Next up in our series, we will discuss trim and cabinets and how to make them beautiful and securely installed.

Thanks again.


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