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The Art of Drywalling: What You Need to Do for Your Home to Make a Great First Imprssion

Do you remember the first impression some of the most important people in your life made on you when you first met them? Chances are good your initial impression was positive. Shouldn’t you give your home the same chance to make a great first impression on those around you?

Drywalling is one place in your home you need to spend money and plenty of effort to do well. Improper drywalling shows every imperfection to those who visit your home. Great drywalling is inviting and makes your home appear loaded with value.

Here are a few areas you should focus on when drywalling or interviewing someone to drywall your new home:

Corner Bead

A corner bead is a material used on the corners of walls in drywall construction to make the corners crisp and professional looking. You can choose the look of your corners. You can select square, rounded or a 45 degree angle. In addition to making the corners look neater, the corner bead also reinforces the corners, making them less apt to dent and sustain other types of damage.

Metal and plastic are both used to make a corner bead. The advantage of metal is the fact it is extremely sturdy and durable, and it will last for the lifetime of the wall. The disadvantage of metal is its tendency to rust. This rust will eventually bleed through the paint and leave you with an unattractive looking wall. Plastic corner bead is obviously not prone to rusting, but it may not be as durable as traditional metal corner bead. Plastic corner bead is also easier to work with.

Fireproof Drywall

Make sure to install a piece of fireproof drywall above any place in your new home where there will be a heat source. This applies even if you plan to put tile in an area. The dry wall acts as a barrier from any heat source and protects your home.

Drywall Return
The area around the windows is prone to moisture from rain and snow. It is important to put wood around the window area on top of the drywall surrounding the window frame. The reason is the wood protects the drywall from moisture and other damage.

If moisture does get into a window and settles on the area around the window and the area is covered with wood, it is easy to replace. It is much simpler to pull out a narrow, damp piece of wood that is nailed on top of drywall than it is to pull out an entire piece of wet drywall.

Watch for the “drywall return.” This is when the area around a window is shielded by drywall, rather than the more desirable wood. When you notice a home with “drywall returns” you know that the builder cut a few corners to save some money. It should also make you wonder what other corners have been cut and hidden beneath the newly built home.

Drywalling is an important part of a new home. It is the number one area people will notice when it is done well or when it is done poorly. It worth investing extra money to get just the right person to do it well so the house looks spectacular and wonderfully inviting.

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