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More than Just Pipes: Plumbing Your New Home (Building a Home Part 9)

As we continue in our series on the many steps involved in building a house, the importance of plumbing cannot be underestimated. Poor plumbing can mean major problems now and for many years to come. By taking the time to properly install your pipes with proper installation is the key. Considering what type of water softener your home will need is important, as well.

Properly Insulate Your Pipes

Once your pipes are three to four feet underground, they stay a consistent 65 degrees. If, however, there are some pipes that are exposed to an outside wall, you need make sure they are wrapped so they are properly insulated and able to withstand the low winter temperatures they will endure. This is particularly important on a wall that faces the north. In a case like that, double insulation might be worth considering and certainly worth the extra cost.

Improperly insulated pipes will bust and cause an incredible amount of damage to your home. Insulating your pipes is not a corner you want to cut. Properly insulated pipes are a fundamental part of good plumbing. In addition to the insulation you put around the pipes, you also want to make sure you plug up any openings to prevent any drafts that could also freeze the pipes, as well.

Water Softener

You need to decide early in the building process if you want to put a water softener in your new home. This type of system puts salt into your water to help create softer water. This process removes large amounts of minerals. It makes things like showering or even washing your clothes an easier, more effective process. With lots of minerals in your water, creating a cleansing lather with soap is difficult. The minerals can also be left on your body or in your clothes and cause ill effects.

On the other hand, when it comes to things like watering your lawn or your drinking water, a water softener is not a good thing. The salt in the softer water is not good to ingest for plants or animals, humans included. For that reason, it is important to have a system in place that allows for both regular water and a softer water option. This involves creating two routes of water: one for your drinking water and one for your yard.

Insulating your pipes is important to prevent damage down the road in your new home. Also, picking the right water softener is important. A water softener, however, is not appropriate for every household task. For this reason, there should be two lines that allow for softer water, and the more natural, harder water. Proper planning of your plumbing is an important step of building a home.

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