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The Importance of Home Repair

There is simply no reason to neglect your home repair. You lose value, quality and aesthetic appeal when you don’t engage in regular home improvements and cleaning.

Whether it’s a professional, a handyman or yourself, you can’t afford to skimp on home maintenance! You don’t want to end up waiting until something goes wrong, and then quickly scramble to get it fixed when you are unprepared.

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

On top of keeping your home in good condition, keeping up with home repairs will ensure that the value of your property appreciates over time. In the long run, you will be thankful you did, and you will reap the benefits financially, especially if you know you will be selling in the future. Remodeling and renovations also help raise your home value, but may require more work. Overall, though it may be costly, home maintenance goes a long way in lowering the risk of future damage.

Safety First!

Many aspects of the home require checking more often than others due to safety issues. Appliances like smoke detectors, heating systems and other mechanisms that can prevent or create hazards should be checked monthly. Most people cannot see items that need repair by doing a simple walk through, so sometimes, closer examination is needed. Things like loose wires can be easily overlooked, but can result in energy overload or even a fire.

What am I Looking For?

Virtually nothing in your house is maintenance free, so it is wise to check everything – but you don’t have to do it all at once, and some areas require more attention than others. The first thing you need to decide is who will be doing the maintenance and checks. You may not have the eye, time or motivation, in which case it might be wise to hire a handyman. If you decide to take the responsibility on yourself, here are a few general things to look for in each area of the home:

Exterior – Chimneys, roofs and gutters should be regularly checked for any kind of blockage, cracks or loose parts. If you have brick siding, you should check for deterioration. For your doors and windows, be sure to check the caulking and weather stripping for quality, especially before the summer and winter to make sure you’re not losing money on heating and air. If you have a wooden garage or patio, be sure to check for termite infestation, which can weaken the strength and support. To avoid broken or falling limbs, be sure to trim all landscaping with overhanging or dead branches.

– Inside your home, walls and ceilings should be monitored for cracks, and areas behind drapes and curtains should be especially checked for mildew or mold, as little airflow is received there. In the attic, look for water leakage from the roof and make sure rafters and insulation are in shape.

– Once a year, you should make certain you check the main electrical panel for water marks and rust. Also, if you smell anything out of the ordinary, like burning, you should call your electrician. Indoor and outdoor wiring shouldn’t be overlooked, either.

Pest Control – Earwigs, ants, cockroaches, termites and fleas can easily make it into your home undetected. Having pest control come spray your house twice a year is a good choice. Also, though they live only one year on average, mice can bare up to eight litters in their lifetime, so keep things clean! Being sanitary is a simple solution to avoid those creepy critters.

You Can’t Do it All

You might save money by repairing your home on your own, but there are five home repairs that you should never attempt to do on your own:

1. Plumbing
: one small leak can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage – leave it to the pros!

2. Electrical Repairs
: an electrical shock can be fatal, so don’t even risk it if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing

3. Gas Appliance Repair: Gas has a high chance of leaking, and could potentially lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

4. Roof Repairs
: The hazard is obvious – it’s easy to fall off of a roof. It’s safer and more worthwhile to hire a roofer.

5. Asbestos Removal
: Found mostly in older homes, asbestos is toxic and it’s recommended that you get it professionally removed.

All in all, many minor repairs and maintenance actions can be easily completed by you and shouldn’t be disregarded; but if you're unsure, do not hesitate to hire a professional to help out. Take caution where needed and look at everything closely. Remember that taking action now to maintain the quality of your home will benefit you greatly down the road.

For more tips and tricks about the importance of home care, or if you want to talk real estate, feel free to contact me at 402.680.2500 or email me at bill.black@cbshome.com.

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